The Muscat College Library’s mission is to support and strengthen teaching, learning and research by providing access to a vast collection of resources. It strives to provide services that can lead to intellectual advancement and discovery and critical use of information.

To be a dynamic institution that is distinctive in its focus on providing education for sustainable future.

  • Collegiality

Whether leaders, teachers, students, or other College partners, we treat one another as colleagues and with respect based on behaviour, not on seniority or role.

  • Culture Diversity

We value our cultural diversity and ensure that all our activities are based on an understanding, appreciation and respect for Omani culture and heritage.

  • Transparency

In our dealings with one another and with all our partners outside the College, we are clear and honest, and we communicate openly, effectively and efficiently.

  • Innovation

We encourage new ideas and practices, aiming to provide a work and study environment that is receptive to change, and adaptable and agile in its approach.

  • Accountability

We take our individual and collective responsibilities seriously, and we recognize and encourage success by providing support and opportunities to shine.

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